UE Flexible Videoscope facilities to make a reborn of the folded life


Director Chen Tao, the leader of anesthesia department of the third people hospital of Chengdu, has completed a successful awake intubation for an extremely difficult airway patient with UE Flexible Videoscope.

This is the fourth case of Ankylosing spondylitis in his department. With the assistance of UE Flexible Videoscope, Director Chen has made a reborn of the “Folded Life” for patients.

This case was an aging male patient with severe symptoms: 45 years old, only the left shoulder and left elbow can still move, the rest of the joints of both hips, both knees and right shoulder are severely ankylosed, cervical spine mobility disorders, difficult airway, severe restrictive ventilatory dysfunction


The group of Director Chen have spent half a month to make a perfect plan. Today they successfully completed a series of operations to achieve the best anesthesia management under the existing conditions: pressure arteriovenous puncture, supraglottic nerve block, cricothyroid puncture, Flexible Videoscope-guided awake tracheal intubation, PICCO establishment, intraoperative wake-up and so on. The first phase of spinal orthopedic surgery was successfully completed for 7 hours, and the patient recovered smoothly after the operation.


After expressing the gratitude to all the team members. Director Chen makes a big vow that they will work with Director Liang's orthopedic team to complete the largest number of "folded patient" operations in China, and continue to challenge the "no-go" zone of surgery and anesthesia.

We are so proud to provide the powerful device, UE Flexible Videoscope, to facilitate Director Chen to accomplish the ambition!